We Make Content & Commercials with Heart

We help brands and companies stand out with world-class commercials for TV and digital, branded content videos, and social media video campaigns. Pluck covers production from creative development through final cut.

Our clients include some of the world's foremost advertising agencies & marketing firms plus 12 Fortune 500 companies and brands you know like BMW, MassMutual, CapitalOne, and Apartments.com. We also work with select startups and smaller companies- brands you'll know soon.

We give you direct access to the creative team and upfront and transparent pricing, too. No politics. No hierarchy. Just real, direct creative partnership. Life's too short for less. Here's how we do it.

Why Does Heart Matter?

By bringing heart into your storytelling you make your brand feel more authentic. It helps bring a sense of humanity to your brand's stories, and that helps foster connections with your audience. People crave stories, and when you tell them in a heartfelt way they resonate. They are remembered. They are shared. And they are acted upon. Simply put, videos with heart stick.


We recently undertook a commercial film project with them for a major US-based financial institution. Being a London-based agency we had limited contacts in the US, and took the decision to work direct with a US-based production team, rather than work via a UK studio - knowing this would be more beneficial to our budget. Having gone through a cost & feasibility process with potential suppliers we finally selected Patrick's team - not only due to his costs, but also his creds, ‘can do’ attitude & wealth of experience.

After extensive & well managed pre-production we arrived on set in midtown Manhattan for the shoot comforted by the sight of a full & experienced production crew.

The shoot itself was professionally managed, executed & completed – all with Patrick himself at the helm. Post production - including sound, motion graphics & music - was managed quickly & efficiently (albeit tricky due to multiple client stakeholders).

For us, Patrick was the perfect partner for our project – he is truly passionate about film, and fully understands all the processes within. He is also trustworthy & reliable – which was hugely important to us being overseas and working with significant clients. We are looking forward to future US-based productions, so we get the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team again.

Harry Scotting, CSD Vivid Lime/ICLP, UK

Awards & Press

We have won dozens of video and advertising awards, including ADDYs, Tellys, Interactive Media Awards, Platinum Awards, MarCom Awards, Davey Awards, AVA Digitals, Videographer Awards, and a few BEST DIRECTOR awards from film festivals. Our videos have had hundreds of millions of views, and our original narrative films have been official selections in over three dozen film festivals around the world.

A lot of media companies have written about us or featured our video production work. Some of the publications in which we’ve been featured include:

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