Video Production with Heart

The best videos have heart. Pluck means heart. PluckStudio means award-winning video production with heart.

Story First, Technology Forward

A beautiful video with a bad story is a fail. So we work with you to make your story the best it can be. We start by learning everything we can about you and what makes you special. We learn about your audience. And then we help you write a compelling story that works, led by Hollywood and Madison Avenue storytellers.

Then we make it look amazing. Pluck is technology forward. We offer a constantly evolving state-of-the-art production and post pipeline. We do world-class live-action production, CG/animation, 3D/VFX, and finishing. We work with virtual production and the latest realtime engines like Unreal and Unity, too.

Award-Winning Brands

We've worked with a lot of brands you know, like Adobe, MassMutual, CapitalOne, MasterCard, PepsiCo,, and BMW. We also work with brands you'll know soon. Our videos win a lot of awards for our clients. And our work's been seen by hundreds of millions of people. If video is important to your brand's success, let's talk.

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At Relation Agency, we're looking to push the limits of storytelling and creative in hopes of rewriting a few chapters of the tired political and cause marketing playbook. We couldn't have found a better partner than PluckStudio.

Not only did Patrick and his team execute with craftsman precision, he also helped us as a creative partner -- a critical spice in the secret sauce of persuasion creative. Pluck opened our eyes to what was possible -- technically & creatively -- to help shape and birth our vision. From a seamless, virtual multi-coastal shoot (during COVID no less) to a passion-fueled production workflow from pre-viz to final cut, Patrick and his diverse team created a creative partnership that allowed us to move beyond just getting our ads out the door to producing innovative, industry-influencing work.

And just as important as all the nuts and bolts, Patrick and team were just a pleasure to work with -- an often overlooked key ingredient to success.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency

About Our Name

Names matter. Ours is a little different, and that's on purpose. Pluck means heart and spirited courage. It's a reminder to us (and our clients) that the best videos don't just look good. They also have a special something that helps them stand out and appeal to their audiences. The best videos have heart.

Heart also describes how we approach our work. We give it our best, every time.

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