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We make TV commercials and we make commercials for digital and the web. We make them for companies, brands, and agencies.

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We're a studio, not just a commercial production company. So you get creative services tailored to your needs along with world-class commercial production services. And if you need it, we can help you get in front of your audience where they live, whether that's broadcast TV, OTT and Connected TV, or Digital.

We do live-action and animated/CG commercials. We have a robust production and post/VFX pipeline that is agile and state-of-the art.

We recently undertook a commercial film project with Patrick from Pluck Studio for a major US-based financial institution. Being a London-based agency we had limited contacts in the US, and took the decision to work direct with a US-based production team, rather than work via a UK studio - knowing this would be more beneficial to our budget. Having gone through a cost & feasibility process with potential suppliers we finally selected Patrick Ortman - not only due to his costs, but also his creds, ‘can do’ attitude & wealth of experience.

After extensive & well managed pre-production we arrived on set in midtown Manhattan for the shoot comforted by the sight of a full & experienced production crew.

The shoot itself was professionally managed, executed & completed – all with Patrick himself at the helm. Post production - including sound, motion graphics & music - was managed quickly & efficiently (albeit tricky due to multiple client stakeholders).

For us, Patrick was the perfect partner for our project – he is truly passionate about film, and fully understands all the processes within. He is also trustworthy & reliable – which was hugely important to us being overseas and working with significant clients. We are looking forward to future US-based productions, so we get the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team again.

Harry Scotting, CSD Vivid Lime/ICLP, UK

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Pluck's become known as one of the top commercial production companies in Los Angeles and New York. But we work with clients from all over the world. We do on-location plus studio production, and our diverse global team brings you our best every time.

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