Pluck, as a noun, means heart. And we bring some to every video we make. Pluck's the financial services video production company for Fortune 500s and fintech. We're in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We work with clients everywhere.

Your Financial Services Video Agency

We've worked with 13 Fortune 500s. Some of our larger financial services clients are CapitalOne, MassMutual, and MasterCard. We also work with fintech startups of all kinds- banking, insurance, and more. When it comes to financial services, we get it. And we bring a deep expertise that allows us to hit the ground running when it's time to tell your story.

Get the Studio Advantage

PluckStudio is more than a video production company. We're a content studio that combines the storytelling prowess of an advertising agency with world-class video production.

We make financial services videos with people in them and we make 3D/CG animated videos. You get world-class story, production, and post/VFX. All in one resource. But we don't bloat your budget with stuff you don't need. If you were Goldilocks and we were porridge? You'd think we were just right.

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We hired PluckStudio to help us create videos to launch our platform to advisors and to help engage them with the platform. Our goal was to foster a positive perceptive of the platform in helping advisors do business more efficiently and to encourage them to try the platform in their own business.

Patrick had a partnership mentality and a deep understanding of the financial services industry. He was part of the team and worked collaboratively with us in all phases of video production from concepting, to writing the script and interfacing with compliance, to the actual shooting.

What I love most about Patrick and PluckStudio is that they treat us like a partner, not just a client. They genuinely cared about the success of each video we created and the impact they had on our users and engagement. They had a deep understanding of our brand and positioning, which made it easier to work together and deliver completed videos more quickly.

Nicole Sampson, MassMutual

Financial Services Commercials & Video Content

We make a wide variety of videos including:

  • Financial Services Commercial Productions (TV & digital commercials)
  • Brand Films
  • Social Media Content
  • Large event videos
  • HR videos
  • Investor videos
  • Customer success videos

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