Video Production with Heart, Made in LA & NY

When your video needs to get results, add some heart. Pluck means heart. It's in our name and we bring some to every video we make. We make them in Los Angeles & New York. We make them for brands and agencies worldwide.

A Different Kind of Production Company

Pluck is a creative studio, not just a production company. You get award-winning video production that helps you stand out plus an agile partnership that is accountable and transparent.

We work with large companies and brands you know like MassMutual, CapitalOne, PepsiCo, and BMW. We also make videos for agencies, select smaller organizations, and nonprofits.

Our Story

We started out like most video production companies, doing time making small local videos as we hustled. But something was missing. It was vision. We realized we didn't want to be a faceless factory churning out bland, anonymous videos. We wanted to do projects that mattered. Projects that helped brands make an impact.

So we fired most of our clients and focused on that.

It worked. Our profile gradually rose and we began to get noticed. We started winning awards and getting on "best of" industry lists. We grew into a strong bicoastal creative shop. We began to get national-level brand clients, and even international clients. Big-name advertising agencies came calling, too.

Today, we bring you the best of both coasts. We give you the benefits of both Hollywood and Madison Avenue, focused laser-tightly on the kinds of video productions that can help your brand succeed. No matter where in the world you are.

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Award-Winning Videos for Fortune 500s & Brands

We've won gazillions of awards and our client list includes 12 Fortune 500s, household name companies, advertising agencies, and growing brands. Here's some of our favorite projects.

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