Great Videos with Heart, Made in LA

We make videos for screens that fill stadiums and screens that fit in your hand. We do it for Fortune 500s, brands, and startups in Los Angeles.

We Make Some of the World's Best Videos

Yes, we're a video production company. But as a studio, we're so much more. That's our secret sauce that helps us make some of the world's best videos.

We make commercials for TV and social, branded content and entertainment, and high-end corporate and brand films. We have strong capabilities in live-action narrative storytelling, comedy, documentary, 3D/CG/VFX, and animation.

Most important, our bicoastal team of producers, writers, and directors bring big ideas and experience to your video. Whether it's a commercial for your global brand or your startup's first real video.

Check out our work, and when you're ready contact us.

Born in Los Angeles

PluckStudio started in Los Angeles. LA's our first home, so we know it well. Being here lets us tap into the vast and experienced Hollywood talent pool, both in front of the camera and behind it. So you get world-class talent and capabilities. Los Angeles is also where our Spanish language and our CG animation units are based.

And if your brand has an East coast presence, our second HQ is in New York City. You get the best of Hollywood and Madison Avenue, in one resource.

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