The Video Production Company with Heart

Pluck means heart. We bring it to every video, and we make some of the world's best. They range from video productions for companies to brand films. We make them in New York and Los Angeles.

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Our clients include 12 Fortune 500 companies and brands you know, plus brands you'll know soon. They choose us because we're one of the most experienced, proven, award-winning video agencies in the world. We're also accessible and transparent.

We make commercials, brand & company films, high-quality corporate video productions, and videos for social & the web. We do it for companies, agencies, and brands. We've won gazillions of awards for it.

Like an advertising agency, we work with you on concepts and story. Like a corporate video production company or video agency, we produce videos. But we do both under one roof. Brands love us. So do agencies. You probably will, too.

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When I knew this would be a full-service, multifaceted video production request –with last-minute demands– there was no question about going with Patrick on this. Patrick's team can do it all: produce, direct, shoot, edit, create motion graphics, do the audio mix in ProTools, mastering, and more. Everything in a single resource. On top of that, he produced these challenging short films with soul and artistry. He would not sacrifice quality at any turn. As a reward, the piece earned multiple compliments and inquiries from members of our C-level audience.

Britt Benston, Creative Director UCLA Anderson

Videos with People & Animated Videos

Pluck is about story first, whatever kind of video we're making for you. A great story helps you stand out. We work with you to create stories that communicate, educate, and entertain your audience. We make videos that help your brand "stick".

  • Live-action videos with people in them
  • 3D and 2D animated video productions
  • Motion graphics design
  • Cinema-quality visual effects

New York & Los Angeles Video Production

We are located in the two largest media hubs in North America: New York City and Los Angeles. We work with clients from all over the world and in every state. Being able to tap into the Hollywood and Madison-Avenue creative and production talent pools is a huge advantage for our clients.

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