TV Commercial "Dog + 1"

A real estate TV commercial for Westside Rentals, legendary apartment rental website that's now part of This one's called "Dog + 1" .


Every commercial production company in Los Angeles was reviewed by Westside Rentals for this project. They chose us. They needed a series of TV commercials that looked like national TV commercials, they needed them quickly, and they needed them at a price. These commercials had to be good: there was a shakeout going on in the space, and Westside Rentals needed to position themselves to be the company that survived this shakeout and got the high-value buyout by national player


We created this series of brand-response commercials that were informational in nature. The president and CMO of Westside Rentals had strong ideas about its brand and how it should be portrayed on television, and we worked with him to create this cute series of commercials that targeted their main demographics: young couples, people with pets, and young people searching for roommate situations.


Westside Rentals massively increased their brand awareness, which helped lead to their lucrative purchase by