Product Video "Running at Night"

A New York and Los Angeles video production about the groundbreaking Illumio Nova self-illuminating running jacket.


Illumio is a leading international apparel design company. Their clients include many of the big brands you know and love (and which we can't list here, but one of them may rhyme with "Schnike"). The Nova self-illuminating running jacket is their first foray into a direct-to-consumer product. The challenge was to find a way to introduce the Nova to market at a reasonable cost, with maximum impact. Because the jacket is self-illuminating, all of the launch video needed to be shot at night, to show off how the jacket lit up. This presented several storytelling and safety challenges. 


We helped Illumio create a crowdfunding campaign for visibility, along with their direct efforts to reach the running community. Indiegogo's internal studio got involved to help shepherd the campaign. We met with them and suggested a bicoastal story about two friends, leveraging our New York and Los Angeles resources. After hammering out some initial ideas, the script was completed. We scouted the best locations in Manhattan, Long Island City, and Hollywood to get the shots we wanted and tell the story. Preparation is key to a great video: the time spent preparing and testing the product in different environments informed our decision on the best lighting and camera system to use. Another challenge was getting around New York at night in a safe, efficient way. We brought in a mobile command center and a driver to help with this.


The initial launch was a success, and Nova was fully funded. More important: the publicity from the video and its campaign has helped Illumio create brand awareness in the marketplace. This is priceless for a new player in the industry. Two years later, our launch video can still be seen on the homepage of the Illumio website, as they continue the journey to establish and grow the brand in the USA.