Social Media: Coverpath Ep7 Hot for Teachers

Branded content for social media, advertising MassMutual's Coverpath insurance to an audience of educators.


To raise public awareness of MassMutual's Coverpath life insurance among consumers on social media.


A branded content series aimed at specific demographics and released through social media and digital platforms. These episodes are designed to be used by MassMutual advisors as part of their digital marketing program.

Coverpath embraced our light comedy approach to these live-action social media videos, and we wrote stories that would deliver the required messaging but in a fun, more engaging way than a typical brand response video. 

We wanted these to look bigger than they were, with production quality at the level of a big advertising agency project. It wasn't only because we love doing great work. It was also because the audience for these videos sees high-quality social video content in their feeds all day from brands with bigger budgets. We needed to create something that could compete, while leaning on story and performance to elevate the work above the typical agency-led branded content.

It was also important to us that these videos share a common visual language, and we did that while keeping costs reasonable to Coverpath by deciding to film all of these episodes in one set. If you look closely, the walls never change between episodes. We used smart, fun art design to transform these three walls into a variety of locations.


MassMutual is very pleased with the results, and we're already planning a second round of episodes. Their advisors are being introduced to this high-quality marketing content that they could not have produced on their own, and we're finding that viewer engagement is very, very high with these funny, targeted videos.


Episode 1: "Easier Than Brunch"
Episode 8: "The Founder"
Episode 10: "What's Up, Doc?"
Episode 6: "We're Buying a House!"