Commercial "The Founder" Digital Commercial

A tech company founder gets the life insurance he needs so his company can get the funding it needs.

This is part of a series of short branded content video ads we made for MassMutual's Coverpath, which is a new online way to get life insurance. The goal was to create content that will appeal to specific audiences, and this one's aimed at small tech company founders and key employees.

We worked with MassMutual to create 10 of these videos, and did it with a very low budget per video. We had to lean on story, strong performances by up-and-coming comedic talent, and clever production design to create the vision. Also, because it's financial services we had to carefully write these videos so that they did not go awry with regard to compliance issues. It was a lot to navigate, but we're very proud of the results. And most importantly, the client and their audience love the work and are using it to help financial advisors make life insurance interesting to Millennial audiences.