TV Commercial "You Should Call Big Al"

Law firm TV commercial production

Law firm Big Al came to us with the goal of leveling-up their TV commercial advertising. They had a really good idea. And we knew that we could make it even better. So, we first did a creative consult to help flesh it out. Based on that, they  signed with Pluck for the production of their multi-spot campaign.

And attorney Big Al does things big. This commercial played in the Major League Baseball World Series broadcast.

Pluck doesn’t do a ton of lawyer TV commercials, but we had fun with this campaign. Maybe it was partly because one of our very first clients was a personal injury attorney in the midwest. 

"One of the things I loved most about working with Big Al was at the end of our long, laugh-filled day their CMO turned to me and said how pleased he was with the work we did. And then he started to talk about future commercial campaigns we could do together. You just can't beat that!" 

- Patrick, PluckStudio Los Angeles