Start with Heart, add Direct Access & Transparency

Working with Pluck is like working with a big agency except with a much more personal, responsive, and transparent relationship. No red tape, no politics, no extra bodies in the room. And no passing you off to account managers who don't "get" you. Just great storytelling that helps your brand grow.

Here's how we work:

First Contact

Email or phone, it doesn’t matter. We’ll talk about your vision and your budget for the video. By knowing your budget range for the project we can figure out what’s possible.

We’ll then learn as much as we can about your business. What makes your company or brand special. We'll do competitive research, too. We’ll ask questions, and we’ll do some serious listening. Then we’ll tell you what we think. We'll give you a detailed but not overwhelming proposal and upfront, transparent pricing. And hopefully, we’ll decide that we want to work together.


We'll meet. This isn't just a meeting with an account rep. It's a direct meeting with the creative and business leads for your project, and you'll have that direct access throughout the process. Cool, right? We'll work with you on your concept and write the script. We help you create a story that connects with your audience, communicates your message, and gets them to take action.

Speaking of that, the best stories today help form a connection with your audience. They're about relationships. We tilt towards videos that appeal to the heart. They cut through the noise, and they stick better with audiences.

This is also when we plan the film shoot. This involves casting actors, scouting locations, and a ton of other things. You’d be surprised at the level of expertise and attention to detail that go into a well-executed production.


The next step is shooting your video. We use the latest cinema cameras, high-end lighting and grip equipment, and crews who really know their stuff. All led by directors who know how to work with you to craft a story that exceeds expectations.


Rather than push post-production to an outside vendor, we keep things in-house to add the finishing touches to your video and help it stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. We're great at Hollywood-level visual effects (VFX), editing, motion graphics, color grading, and audio mixing and sweetening.

We’ll work with you throughout the process, with our easy-to-use online review system that lets you view works-in-progress and offer suggestions.

Your Video Agency of Record

Many video production engagements are single projects with a set beginning and end. And those are great. But maybe you're looking for more than that. Pluck does a lot of ongoing engagements, too. We love these, and so do our clients. We've been the video agency of record with several clients for years. We've helped brands launch and then stayed on to help them grow, following up launch films with social video campaigns, commercials, and more. When we work with you like this we become partners, invested in each others' success. So hit us up if you're looking for a video agency of record. It might just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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