How We Make Plucking Great Videos

Everything we do is focused on providing a consistent, high-quality process that helps you get the high-end results you need.

First Contact

We start things off by meeting with you. In today's world, that usually means a Zoom. First Contact is purposely brief: 30 minutes to one hour. We're seeing if you're a good fit for us. We don't go in cold. We do a fair amount of initial research about you before we talk. In first contact, we'll talk about your project and its goals. We'll talk frankly about money. And if we think we're a good fit for each other, we'll proceed.

Phased Approach

Sometimes you might be looking for an immediate video production need. They're important projects, but they won't make or break your brand.

But sometimes you need a more strategic solution. That's when we use a phased approach to video production.

A phased approach makes it easy for you to get started without real risk, and it allows us to be good partners by diagnosing your needs before we prescribe a creative solution for you.

After we do our First Contact, we'll send you a document that goes over what we talked about and explains the scope of the project. Once you sign off on this, we'll begin Phase One.

The output of Phase One is a concept and script, including a line item budget for approval.

Phase Two is pre-production and production. For live-action production this includes everything from casting, location scout, storyboards and animatics, hiring the team, securing permits, and shooting the project. For animation and VFX, it's a little different.

Phase Three is post-production. The output is your video/campaign/film/series.

Phase Four is followup and archival.

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