Pluck means heart and spirited courage. It's also a video agency in Los Angeles. We make all kinds of videos and films, especially TV commercials, B2B videos, and 3D animation. We do it for Fortune 500s and we do it for smaller brands who have big stories to tell.

It's Nice to Meet You

We're Pluck. Our videos have been seen by hundreds of millions of people and have won dozens of awards.

We work with Fortune 500s and we work with global advertising agencies. We also work with smaller organizations who think big. Our larger clients include Adobe, MassMutual, Right At School, CapitalOne, MasterCard, AT&T, BMW, UCLA, PepsiCo, and Apple.

We make 3D animated videos and we make videos with people in them.

Our magic is heart and we bring it to every video we make. Heart helps you stand out and get noticed, for all the right reasons. It's simple, but it's not easy. We've mastered it, and we'd like to bring it to you.

There was no "A team in the pitch then B team for the project", there was no arrogance or conceit in visioning, there were no hidden fees or miscalculated charges. Our producer was up front and clear about the entire project every step of the way.

CMO, National Educational Company

We're a Different Kind of Video Agency

Pluck doesn't do red tape and we don't do account reps. When you work with us you get transparency, access, and accountability. Instead of working with salespeople who aren't involved in the creative process you'll work with a senior-level producer. All the way from story concepts through final cut.

Pluck opened our eyes to what was possible -- technically & creatively -- to help shape and birth our vision. From a seamless, virtual multi-coastal shoot (during COVID no less) to a passion-fueled production workflow from pre-viz to final cut, Patrick and his diverse team created a creative partnership that allowed us to move beyond just getting our ads out the door to producing innovative, industry-influencing work. And just as important as all the nuts and bolts, Patrick and team were just a pleasure to work with -- an often overlooked key ingredient to success.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency

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