Commercial & Corporate Videos, Made with Heart in LA

Pluck makes everything better. But we're known for creating award-winning, thumb-stopping video productions and commercial video content for companies and brands in Los Angeles.

Raised in Los Angeles

It's said that you become an LA native after spending 5 years here. So, we're natives! But when we hear the word "native", we think about how there's a huge explosion of need for native content. Your audience is everywhere today, and you need smart, targeted videos that reach and engage them. We help with that.

We've worked with 12 Fortune 500s. World-changing nonprofits. And some very plucky startups. We specialize in telling stories with heart, designed to connect with audiences and drive results.

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Our projects have won ADDY, Telly, IMA, and TechCrunch, to name a few awards and accolades. They've been seen by millions of people. They've won film festivals. They've been broadcast in dozens of countries around the world. And we're just getting started, as we continue to impress our clients and their audiences.


Having had previous experience working with Patrick, I turned to him to help us create a unique video about our organization. Patrick loves to think outside the box. We needed someone who was not going to follow convention, but throw ideas out of left field - which is exactly what we got. What makes Patrick stand out is that he values ideas before execution. If the idea is great and catchy, he'll figure out a way to make it happen within your time and budget. That there is an awesome partner to create awesome projects.

Hasnain Syed, Creative Director MPAC, Los Angeles, California