Narrative Projects

Our narrative projects have been featured in USA Today, Tubefilter, The Toronto Star, and more. They've been seen at film festivals worldwide (over 60 so far). They've also been seen in the air, on cable TV, and even at gas stations. But we do these for us. They're a chance for us to stretch and try new things. We love to play.

A New York Love Story

In the ashes of a failed relationship, a woman in New York finds redemption and the strength to go on. Starring Joanne Ryan and Sean McDermott. Produced, written, and directed by Patrick Ortman. Watch it now.

A New York Love Story IMDB

When We Were Alive

When We Were Alive is an action-packed Sci-Fi web series created by Eric Boadilla and executive produced by Eric and Patrick Ortman. It's set in multiple points in time: from today’s world to an eerily possible near-future where technology has taken over.

When We Were Alive IMDB

A Cup of Kindness

Our holiday card for 2018. You can't always be with the ones you love for the holidays, but family's always together in spirit. Watch it now.

Cup of Kindness IMDB


A man's emotional journey to hell and back, when the life he thought he had comes undone. Written and Produced by Patrick Ortman and Katherine Funston. Directed by Patrick Ortman. Watch it now.

Unlaced IMDB

Couch Cases

A zany psychiatrist can't follow her own advice. An episodic series created by, written & produced by Patrick Ortman and Katherine Funston. Directed by Patrick Ortman. Starring Katherine Funston, Sabrina Bolin, Simon Hamlin, Kyle Crosby, Dylan Busse, Vito LaMorte.

Couch Cases IMDB

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