The Pluck Manifesto

This is what we stand for.

Every business needs a manifesto. I'm writing this one for Pluck because as our profile has risen we are confronted with the need to find ways to carefully and organically grow. I want to codify some of the principles and values that drove me to create Pluck so that we can continue to reflect them. 

And in the true Pluck spirit, we are not hiding this from the world as if it's some secret elixir that should be hoarded. Life's too short for that, and I think it's valuable for clients and partners to understand what makes us tick:

Above all, the heart thing? It's real.

It's not just a slogan. Pluck (as a noun) means heart and spirited courage. And we bring that to everything we do. It informs every interaction with our clients, it plays a role in every creative decision, and it is how we treat each other. Furthermore--

We treat people right.

A sense of fairness is crucial to our company. We treat each other right, whether that's ensuring that women in a role are paid the same as men or making sure that people of all kinds feel welcomed. Pluck does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity). Or even on the basis of fashion sense or height. We're all people, and we should treat each other with respect.

Pluck is honest and transparent.

When you ask us what we think, we'll tell you. Simply and plainly. This is our communication style both within Pluck and with clients and partners.

We do great work.

Not every video can or should be a show-stopping, award-winning production. But we are not here to do assembly-line, creatively empty, inconsequential videos that anybody could make. We are here to give you our best, given budget and time constraints. Every time.

We are choosy.

We are choosy about who we work with. Just as our clients and partners should be. Pluck has turned down  jobs from clients who clash with our basic values, because money isn't the most important thing in life.

We embrace new ideas.

Pluck is tech-forward. We're always looking for new and better ways to do things, like virtual production or (in certain cases) AI tools. But new doesn't always mean better. So--

We eat the dog food.

Before we suggest something to a client, we try it out ourselves. If it's great, we embrace it.

This is a living document, so I'll be writing new chapters now and then. 

Patrick @ Pluck