Welcome to San Francisco

Pluck Opens Bay Area Video Agency

Hello, I'm Patrick- one of the founders of PluckStudio. Not a lot of people know this, but before I helped create Pluck I worked as a web designer. And our very first client was an agency in the Bay Area. We ended up doing projects for some big names thanks to that agency, and I spent a lot of time flying and driving between Hollywood and San Francisco. One of the things I loved most was the amazing concentration of really smart people working on really cool things. It was, and is, unlike anywhere else.

So when I started Pluck it was important to me that we had a mix of clients for our video agency that included Bay Area companies. And sure enough, one of our first video clients was a startup from San Francisco. We made a live-action and VFX explainer video for them, and they ended up winning TechCrunch that year. 

Pluck's worked with a lot of San Francisco and Bay Area companies since then. And we were just about ready to open our Bay Area office when Covid hit. Like everyone, we tightened our belts and found new ways to make videos during the pandemic. Meanwhile, our plans for our San Francisco expansion were put on hold. Until today.

I'm super proud to announce that as of today, PluckStudio has taken down the "stealth-mode" sign for our San Francisco office. We're officially here, and I'm thrilled. 

Pluck offers something special. We do big work for brands you know and brands you'll know soon. But we're not a factory. We're a boutique video agency that gives you a personal touch and deep experience. We are especially good at taking complicated ideas and making them easy to understand and relatable. Our magic is heart. Pluck, as a noun, means heart. And PluckStudio makes videos with heart. 

To the other San Francisco video production companies: we're glad to be your neighbor. We've met some of you over Zooms in the past months, and we'll enjoy working with you. We hope to be a good neighbor and resource to you, too.

There's a lot of stories coming out of the Bay Area that need to be told. We're looking forward to helping tell them.

To learn more about us, visit www.pluckstudio.com