Remote Production by Pluck

Remote Production is a set of best practices that allow clients to remotely attend their video shoot. It's not really a new thing, but it definitely came into its own during the pandemic.

It comes with a lot of benefits, from reducing a production's carbon footprint to helping busy executives attend their video shoot no matter where they are. Remote Production lets you do more for you and more for the planet. What's more, it's the responsible way to attend a production shoot during a pandemic.

There is one downside, of course. By its name, Remote Production means you don't attend in person, so you need to work a bit harder to make sure your intentions are communicated. 

The benefits win, almost every time.

Remote Production is a concept we've been chasing at Pluck for some time. Not every brand can afford to send a team to Los Angeles or New York (or now, San Francisco!) to oversee their production in person. But, just like meeting over Zoom, it's taken the pandemic to show the world that there might be more cost and time-efficient ways to get things done that don't absolutely require one's physical presence.

We did our first large-scale Remote Production shoot for New York's Democratic Mayoral Primary. In the picture above you see our Los Angeles shooting team, and in the foreground is the on set monitor. The signal from that monitor was sent directly to our director in LA (close, but not on-site) and the agency client in New York. We also had a Behind The Scenes camera feed, and the ability to talk to the set director at any time and directly give the actors adjustments to their performances.

The agency loved it, so did we. 

So if you're wondering about Remote Production for your brand, know that Pluck's got experience making it happen. Whether you're across town or across the planet.