Nicks and Scratches

Meditations on a special Pelican case.

This is the first Pelican I owned, and I got it because I knew it was made to last. I also knew from reading "Outliers" from Malcolm Gladwell that it often takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something. I figured that'd be about 7 years for me. I've since realized that becoming an expert at filmmaking is a moving target. It takes constant learning and experience because the world is always changing. Also because I keep raising the bar on what I consider great work.

Still, I made the right choice with this Pelican case. I've had it for almost 10 years now, and it's a great companion on my journey. Even when I'm not running camera and have a full crew on set, this case ends up by my side as my personal case. 

This picture was taken by Jason Smith, one of my New York filmmaker friends who helps on projects. He was taken by its battle scars- the scratches, nicks, and bruises it's gotten from the hundreds of thousands of miles it has logged. I am, too. To me, this first Pelican says something. It reminds me that I'm on a journey. The cost of those 10,000 hours of experience includes nicks and scratches one picks up along the way. But those nicks and those scratches can actually be... beautiful. You should wear them like a badge of honor. It tells the world that you put in those 10,000 hours and you're the real deal. Especially these days, that is something.