2021 Democratic Primary Commercial Campaign: "I Promise"

We used virtual production to GOTV in New York's Democratic Mayoral Primary

The 2021 Democratic Mayoral Primary in New York City was a pretty big deal.  New York's Relation Agency chose us to help create their "Get Out The Vote" commercial campaign. We used virtual production techniques to tell the story.

At Relation Agency, we're looking to push the limits of storytelling and creative in hopes of rewriting a few chapters of the tired political and cause marketing playbook. We couldn't have found a better partner than PluckStudio.

Not only did Patrick and his team execute with craftsman precision, he also helped us as a creative partner -- a critical spice in the secret sauce of persuasion creative. Pluck opened our eyes to what was possible -- technically & creatively -- to help shape and birth our vision. From a seamless, virtual multi-coastal shoot (during COVID no less) to a passion-fueled production workflow from pre-viz to final cut, Patrick and his diverse team created a creative partnership that allowed us to move beyond just getting our ads out the door to producing innovative, industry-influencing work.

And just as important as all the nuts and bolts, Patrick and team were just a pleasure to work with -- an often overlooked key ingredient to success.

Jon Jones, Relation Agency
Virtual Production for GOTV Commercial Campaign
Virtual Production for GOTV Commercial Campaign

So, how do you create a commercial campaign that includes impossible locations, tight deadlines, and bicoastal production? We wrote a case study on how we did it. Check it out!