Law Firm TV Commercials

Pluck made a pair of well-received TV commercials for Big Al.

They wanted to create two 30-second commercials to expand their brand and get more clients. PluckStudio filmed and edited both videos, handling everything, including actors and crews.  Here's what their CMO said:

What challenge were you trying to address with PluckStudio?

We were trying to make two high-quality commercials to help expand our brand and get more clients.

What was the scope of their involvement?

Initially, we scheduled a call with PluckStudio. They called us back and explained how the process worked. We put down some money to set up the initial planning stage, where they came up with ideas for the commercials. We could still back out after that, but we agreed to go forward.

The second phase was the actual production; they were involved all the way through. 

We did two 30-second commercials. One of them was my idea, which they turned into a script. The other one was their idea, and we approved it. We used actors, and PluckStudio took care of finding them, doing casting calls, sending screenshots for approval, and so on. We filmed in an office building, and they worked with different crews and production teams.

How did PluckStudio perform from a project management standpoint?

They exceeded our expectations. Some things ended up costing more for them. For example, the studio they rented was just rented for a number of hours, and they extended it. However, they didn’t charge us extra.

What did you find most impressive about them?

They were easy to work with and upfront about costs and other issues. They were clear in their communication, and Patrick was courteous. They handled the whole operation orderly and professionally, and we got exactly what we hoped.

(Banner image by Jakob Owens via UnSplash)