Crew Spotlight: Eric Romary, Sound Recordist

Making a film or video isn't just about pointing a camera and saying "Action!". This is part of our series on particularly awesome crew we work with in New York and Los Angeles

The picture above shows my favorite NYC soundperson, Eric Romary putting a lav on one of our Talent for a commercial shoot. Eric's known as "RoomTone Romary". And for good reason: Romary nails the details. I've worked with him since our CapitalOne commercial. He shows up, he's pleasant to work with, and most importantly he gets it done with the utmost professionalism. 

Most people don't realize how important sound is in terms of overall production quality. But you can have the most amazing picture and it'll be totally ruined if you match it up with poor quality audio. That's why I work with sound recordists who know their stuff.

Sound recordists are an interesting group of people. I've worked with a few special sound department people in Los Angeles and New York, including one Emmy and Oscar winner. They tend to be quiet but affable, and they know all the tricks of how to get the cleanest, most pristine audio possible on the day. Eric's a blast, but he never ever sacrifices the details of the job. Even under pressure on the streets of NYC.