2022 Covid Update

Updated January 10, 2022

We are working to make production as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We care about our crews and clients, and we do our part to help keep you safe. We're still masking up, running temperature checks, and requiring recent negative Covid test results from all our crew members for each project. We also physically distance as much as possible on set, using a modified Hollywood zone system for our cast and crew.

For clients, we work with you to make the production process as safe and painless as possible. In some cases this means setting up tools to allow you to attend your video shoot virtually. This process allows you to see what the Director of Photography's camera is seeing. Clients love it.

We're also using new technologies and tools such as Unreal Engine and Virtual Production to help our clients create high-quality content during the pandemic. Virtual Production lets us create or re-create locations that are unsafe or impossible for filming. More about that here.

Finally, we offer a hybrid full-remote production packages for clients who need to do remote interviews and testimonials without worrying about the potential health risks of being in contact with an in-person film crew.