Clutch: Pluck is a Top New York City Video Production Company, the leading B2B marketplace, says that we're one of the "Top New York City Video Production Companies" in their October, 2022 roundup. Pluck ranks #4 in NYC, according to Clutch's Leader Matrix- which places Pluck as a proven market leader alongside (and above) much older and larger firms in NYC.

I'm very pleased that our work in New York has gathered yet another accolade. I started our New York office, and it's been a pleasure to watch it grow. In a few short years we've gone from the scrappy video agency that does good work to one of New York's top-rated and well-respected video production companies. Pluck's been through a lot with NYC and we look forward to continuing to write and produce some of the city's best video productions.

Patrick Ortman, CEO and Founding Partner- PluckStudio

Pluck is a New York/Los Angeles/San Francisco video agency that makes world-class commercials, brand films, and social media video ads for brands you know. And brands you'll know soon.

Photo by Andre Benz @ Unsplash