Pluck means heart and spirited courage. It's also the name of a top corporate video production company and video agency. We make company story videos, brand films, and corporate videos for 13 Fortune 500s and brands you know. We'd love to make one for you.

B2B Video Has Grown Up

And we're part of the reason. Pluck brings high-quality storytelling and video production to your B2B video. Just as important, working with us is a delight. Just ask our clients.

It takes a special set of skills to successfully navigate the B2B world. You need a partner who works seamlessly with your team and brings great creative ideas while also understanding your corporate culture and needs. That's us. We've won dozens of awards for it.

Pluck makes animated videos plus videos with people in them.

Company Story Videos & Brand Films

We also make some of the world's best brand films and company story videos. There is an art to creating this special type of video, and Pluck has mastered it. We have made award-winning company story videos and brand films for some of the largest companies in the world, global nonprofits, and many startups.

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PluckStudio is an extremely professional video company. From the script, to the shoot, to the editing, they adhere closely to all our needed deadlines and could grasp quickly the idea of what we wanted and created a wonderfully shot and coherent video that told a story. It incorporated all the many diverse materials that we sent and they were always extremely quick to respond and accomodating to all our different requests and offices (from all over the world). Patrick has a great personality and was an overall delight to work with, you will always be greeted with transparency and a quick turnaround. We highly recommend them for any corporate video needs.

Ken Li, President The Waitex Group, New York

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Pluck's based in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We make corporate videos and brand films for clients around the world.

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