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Pluck makes exceptional B2B & corporate video productions. We've won a whole lot of awards for the hugely successful videos we've made for some of the world's largest companies, including Fortune 500s and brands you know like MassMutual, CapitalOne, MasterCard, AT&T, BMW, UCLA, and PepsiCo.

We also work with smaller organizations who think big.

Our magic is heart, and we bring it to every video we make. Heart helps you stand out and get noticed, for all the right reasons. It's simple, but it's not easy. We've mastered it, and we'd like to bring it to you.

What I love most about Patrick and PluckStudio is that they treat us like a partner, not just a client.

Nicole Sampson, MassMutual

Brand Films

These are high-profile videos that tell your brand's story. The stakes are high with a brand film. These are not your typical corporate videos. A brand film needs a story and style that grabs your audience's attention and cements your UVP in their minds. Sometimes they include high-end visual effects. Often they'll include interviews with C-suite executives and film-style scenes with actors.

Here's a brand film we made for MassMutual that was recently the highest-scoring Telly Award for financial services. It includes scenes with actors and visual effects/3D animation in addition to employee and customer interviews.

And here's a brand film in a docuseries style we made for Right At School, an education company that brings quality after school programs to elementary schools across the United States.

Company Story Videos

We build a story that promotes your customer's company while incorporating how your company's product or service is integral to their success. These videos need to walk a fine line between promoting your customer and promoting your brand.

Check out a company story video we made for Tipalti. It's for their customer E4E Relief.

B2B Video Ads

As attention spans shrink, companies have to find even more creative ways to get their messaging in front of customers and internal audiences alike. Enter B2B video ads/B2B commercial productions. These are sometimes indistinguishable from commercials you'd see on TV. Except the stories are focused on your brand or product and aimed at very specific audiences.

An example of a B2B video ad is our multi-award-winning series on life insurance for MassMutual. This B2B video ad's audience is teachers.

Explainer Videos

Every company needs an explainer video, and they range from 2D animated classic explainer style videos to high-end productions. As with any kind of corporate or B2B video, you need to keep your audience in mind and tell a story that appeals to them.

Here's MassMutual's live-action and VFX explainer video for their Coverpath life insurance product, made by Pluck.

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We have received nothing but exuberant feedback from all stakeholders - from our CEO to potential business partners who have been "blown away". This video will provide value to us for years to come (that is high praise considering the speed at which these types of videos usually lose relevancy). Kudos, Pluck!

CMO, National Educational Organization

I am an ad agency veteran working as a Creative Director at an in-house Creative Agency. I have 10 years of customer video experience. I'm used to a certain level of craft. We got a note from our customer saying what a positive overall experience it was. My high bar of look and feel was met. Couldn't be happier with the asset and the process.

Creative Director, Enterprise-Level Financial Services Platform

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